Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A crazy idea...IRON WEEK!

I swear, too much time off from work really gets me thinking weird things, as we have already established on this blog.  Well, I have another crazy idea, and I think I am actually going to do it.  It all has to do with the fact that I am registered for IMTX.  People, upon finding out that I have signed up for one, ask if I can do any of those distances, have I done them before, etc.  I am fairly certain I could right now, complete each individual segment of the Ironman, but not all back to back, such is the Ironman race. And the keyword being there is complete.  Well, just for fun (and this is a very sick and twisted sense of fun) I want to do all of those distances in one week.  I am not sure exactly how I am going to spread them apart during that week, but I do know I want to swim 2.4 one day, bike 112 another, then run my own self designed marathon  another.  All of these would be strictly to complete the distance, and taken very easy as not to cause injury.

I am a teacher with my summer off, and if I am going to do this, I need to do it in the next couple of months before I go back to school.  However, I don't want it to interfere with my training for the couple of races I do have left this season, being the Triple Bypass, Spudman, and Age Group Nationals.  We are on vacation the week after Nationals, so that leaves the week of August 18-22, as I won't have to be back to school just yet.  

I still have to work out the details, meaning the routes, the days, and how I am going to space each, but I have all but made up my mind to do it.  It will be a big mental boost to start my brief break or off season, before I officially start IMTX training on December 15.  I might even try to recruit some friends to do all of part of it with me. Misery loves company, right?

I will keep you updated as I sort out the details.  In the meantime, I have the Triple coming up.  Happy Training and Racing all!


  1. I would avoid running a stand alone marathon before an ironman. It is very different than a run after a 112 mile bike, the training focus is different, and the recovery time is better spent with another build cycle. The injury play is why approx 2/3 of your training time is spent on the bike. If anything, bias the run even less in favor of more biking.

  2. The stand alone marathon and IMTX will be well over 9 months apart, with even 4 months between this and official IM training will start, allowing for plenty of recovery time if necessary. I have also done 4 previous stand alone marathons, so I am not new to the distance. The goal is simply to take it easy on all three segments and just complete the distance

  3. Just be careful not to injure yourself, that's my worry. When I was training for IM last year, I never did a full 112 bike or a 26.2 mile run. Think my furthest ride was 100 and longest run was 19. I did swim an entire 2.4 once juts to convince myself I could do it, so I understand your thinking, but please give yourself plenty of time to recover. IM takes alot out of you...ALOT.