Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Gear

Who doesn't love new stuff?  I think you know you are a triathlete when you are more excited about new training gear than just about anything.  I could care less about shoe, clothes, or jewelry shopping any more, unless it is tri related!  Ha!  Anyhow, I added one of these to my training arsenal this week....

I have found that my older one with just two bottles isn't cutting it anymore.  It is too hot, and my runs are getting too long for me to just do the two bottle belt for anything over 6-8 miles.  So, I upgraded this week.  I am excited to try it on my 14 miler this week.  I debated several options for hydration while running, and in the end I thought, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Meaning if my old system worked well, just needed more capacity, stick with that.  So, that's what I did.  What do you use to hydrate on long runs?

Happy training all!

Training Catch Up

We got home from vacation last week and I was thinking about where I was at training wise overall, but mainly for my upcoming marathon in October.  I realized with all of our summer craziness that I had missed a couple too many long runs and I needed to get back on track FAST.  And, I also hadn't been on my bike in three weeks with us being out of town, and it being in the shop the two weeks prior to that.  I have a 75 mile ride in three weeks with a climb up Big Mountain.  YIKES!

So, I decided to do what everyone tells you NOT to do.  And that is cram a lot of training into a short amount of time.  I did an 8 mile run Thursday night.  Then a 20 mile ride with a climb up Emigration Canyon on Friday.  I then woke up Saturday morning and ran 12 miles.  My legs felt like lead by mile 8, but I got through it!  I was now officially "caught up" with my training schedule I outlined at the beginning of the summer.  My long run this week will be 14, and I am going to attempt to climb Frary's Peak on Antelope Island this week for my long ride/climb.

I really want to take full advantage of the five weeks that I have left of summer break with some good hard core training.  I feel ready for my Olympic Distance Tri on the 25th of August.  I even feel pretty good about the Wildflower Pedalfest 75 miler.  I am not so worried about the distance on that one as the climb, so I have been focusing more on that aspect of it.  I keep having more epiphanies on the bike that have helped.  I have thoroughly loved watching the Olympic road races and how they maneuver on their bikes.  WOW!  The women's race was amazing, and in the rain no doubt!  I still have so much to learn!

In the meantime...

Happy Training Al!

Friday, July 27, 2012


I am sitting here as a school teacher getting emails from my principal about end of summer trainings and inservice meetings to be at, and I am dumbfounded about where my summer went!  It feels like it has been so busy, and we just got back in town from another vacation, and I am hitting the ground running with resuming my training, dieting, etc in prep for my end of season events.  What?  Did I just say "end of season"?  I am so sad!

I have a very busy couple of weeks ahead with hard core training and increased volume coming my way.  I am only about 3 weeks from my 75 mile ride with Wildflower Pedalfest.  The week after that is my first Olympic Distance tri, and probably the last one I will do this season :(.  Then there is a fun mud run Labor Day weekend, and then all attention will shift to the St George Marathon Oct 6.  My long runs are already getting longer, with a 12 miler this Saturday , and a 14 miler next.  I keep telling myself it's worth it, but those long runs can be brutal!

I have had mixed feelings about this tri season.  I have loved it, but wished I would have chosen my events this year more carefully, and done more triathlons, and less running events.  I wish I would have spaced them better too, I am really craving a race right now as all my events were beginning of the summer, and end, nothing in the middle.  I am pathetic in that I am already planning out 2013 season, with one event a month, so more evenly spaced and more tris.  Can't wait.

I did have a great ride this morning, up Emigration Canyon with my friend Leanne.  We had a blast and it was all about the climb, not caring about distance or speed, just getting through it and practice for the Big Mountain Climb that is part of our Pedalfest.  She will be a blast to do it with, we have a ton in common and enjoy riding together.

Happy Training all!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The dripping love affair continues...

Well, I have had some interesting training this week.  It was supposed to be a "hit it hard, back from vacation" type of training week.  Apparently Murphy (as in Murphy's law) had other plans for me.  It started by not having my bike back yet from it's initial free tune up.  They kept it the ENTIRE week, in addition to having it the whole previous week while I was on vacation.  So, that ruled out any bike training this week.  Then Monday, my first full day back from vacation, I was at the grocery store to stock our house with food once again, and I had my flip flops on, and wacked the crap out of my little toe.  Right there in the parking lot at Walmart, my toe was bleeding profusely and hurt like a $#!$#!^%$@#$%$#@%$#.  I didn't take time to REALLY look at it so I wrapped some tissue around it, and waited til I got home.  Once home, I realized I had completely ripped on the toe nail, and half the skin across the top.  Nice, real nice!  I bandaged it up, and it throbbed all day with pain.  As soon as I took Tylenol, I knew running was completely out this week.  So, that left me with swimming!  I was able to rig up a pretty good waterproof bandage for my foot, and hit the pool several times this week and an OWS!  Yeah me!

I have found that the more time I spend in the water, the more I love it.  Just when I thought I couldn't possibly enjoy it more, it just keeps getting better!  A few things that I have added to my swimming are I ordered some fins and hand paddles, as well as a book called the Waterproof coach.  I have loved what they have added to my work outs, some variety, and added resistance and I love that!

Then I was able to make it up to Pineview for a few open water swims since I last posted.  It is the pic you see to the side..  HELLO!  How could you NOT enjoy being in place like that, much less being surrounded by it while swimming?  The first two times were in the same weekend when we had family camping up there and we joined them for two nights.  Of course, the triathlete in me knew to take my goggles, swim cap and suit to squeeze in some swims.  I had a blast, I swam along the beach, by myself, but with tons of people there.  I just kept picking out buoys to swim between, all in a no wake zone for boats.  I found that it was so fun, liberating, and just awesome!  I practiced my sighting skills learned in the clinic I attended last month, and just thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I swam about a mile each night.  Pure and total heaven.  I am even more in love!

Then, this week I saw posted on Facebook that a group was going to be up at Pineview for an organized swim.  I didn't know any one going, but I figured it was a good chance to get another swim in, so I went.  Plus, frankly, I have been wanting to meet more tri folk, so I figured this would be a good chance!  I went up, and we swam from a different beach.  It was a group of 4 other women, and we had a blast.

I think what I love about swimming are several things.  One, it just comes the most naturally to me of swim/bike/run.  I feel that it comes easily to me, and even when I push myself, it never seems like work like riding and running can.  Plus, with this new found open water element to it, what is not to love?  It is amazingly freeing to be able to swim in nature like the pic above.  It is more challenging than a pool in that you have to constantly be aware of what is around you, sighting where you are going, not being able to see to the bottom, watching for other people, boats, etc.  You also don't have the controlled environment of the pool, so you get waves and choppy conditions.  You have to be more engaged in the swim than when in the pool when you can get caught up in the black line syndrome. I love it, and there is just something very freeing about the whole thing.

I loved that I was able to get some good swims in this week, by default, but great nonetheless.  I am going to add another element to this next week.  We will be in California, and I am going to attempt an ocean swim!  Can't wait, and as always, I will keep you posted!

Happy training!