Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weird training thoughts...Am I losing my mind?

It occurred to me on my BUR (Big Ugly Ride) this week that while exercising, all sane thought leaves.  I am often catching myself asking, "Did you really just think that?" in the brief flashes of sanity that show up during my trainings.  For instance, while on this long ride with tons of climbing, when I am so painfully grinding my way up this mountain, I decide to look around me at how pretty it is.  It really was gorgeous. But the weird part was, the thought crossed my mind in a serious way, "I bet there are Squatch in these woods!" For those of you that don't watch Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet, that means nothing to you, but I really and truly looked around and determined Big Foot could very likely live up there based on what I have learned is his preferred habitat from watching Finding Bigfoot.  Wow, Katie!  Ken laughed when he heard that one. (Don't judge us.  It is one of our favorite shows even though it always ends the same way...they never find him!)

Then I find when I am riding in the middle of nowhere and I won't ride with earphones in (when I bought my bike 2.5 years ago, I promised my Dad I wouldn't) I sometimes (read...OFTEN) sing to myself.  It is weird to me what songs come to mind.  This week it was anything from Britney Spears Hit me Baby One More Time to Tim McGraw's Live like you were Dying.  

Here are some conclusions I have come to:

1)  Don't ask me to do any mental math while swimming/biking/running.

 I just can't.  Not that I'm great at math anyway, but I find myself trying to either calculate the calories I have taken in, or how many miles I have left to go, or how many laps I have swam, etc.  It is nearly impossible to do! For instance :" I did 600 yards for a warm up.  I need to swim a total of 2000 today, so I only have another 800 to go."  Say what?!?

2) Songs I haven't heard in FOREVER some to mind.

  And memories.  Seriously, when you sometimes have HOURS to yourself, you think of weird things!

3)  None of the thoughts run together in any sort of sense.

 For instance it might look like this: "That mountain is so pretty....I am so lucky to be able to do this....I wonder if the kids are awake yet.....Man, my arse hurts....who does this kind of thing....Did I ever sign that IEP for Emily?....Ken is going to be great at Mountain View (his new job assignment)....Why did I sign up for an Ironman again?.....I love biking....I like it better than running...Wow! Another deer!  That makes 8 today!......I wonder where my scrap booking supplies are.....People who do Ironman are nuts.....Dang bugs are awful today....Deer!  Yep, up to 6 now!.....Yep, that Butt Butter is definitely the greatest thing since sliced bread."  Don't judge me, but it's true!!

Please tell me it isn't just me that thinks these things!  But, I told myself when I recommitted to this blog as part of documenting my journey to Ironman, that I wanted to put down the good, ugly, and the weird parts of all of it, so there ya go!

What's up next?  Only three weeks till the Triple Bypass (gulp)!  Happy Training and racing all!

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