About Me

I am Katie, a Mom to two incredible kids, wife to an amazingly patient and supportive husband, a junior high teacher, and runner/exercise enthusiast that is always looking for another goal or challenge.  I have run several races, including 5 half marathons, 4 full marathons, and several 5k's, and most recently several sprint and olympic distance triathlons. 

A Bunch of Totally Random Facts about Me....

1)  I was never athletic, until I bought my first pair of running shoes at age 30, and have never looked back.
2)  My favorite color is red.
3)  My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias
4)  I have two dogs, but neither will run with me :(
5)  I have to run, because dieting is not an option :)
6)  I can be really good about eating well, except when it comes to caramel  ANYTHING!
7)  I lived in Norway for four years, yet speak not a word of it.
8)  When I was young I wanted to be a killer whale trainer at SeaWorld.  Too bad I suck at science!
9)  I am pretty OCD at work, very organized and neat.  At home...not at all!
10)  My current favorite TV shows are Smash and Nashville.  I also love Biggest Loser.
11)  I totally want to be on The Amazing Race with my Dad, but he isn't buying it yet...
12)  I love shoes, purses, and all accessories.  Total girl that way.
13)  I got into running because of the Parable of the Split Pants.  Read on the other page :)
14)  My biggest pet peeve is possibly people that think they are better than other people.  Or those that go 20 miles under the speed limit.
15)  An Ironman race is totally on my bucket list.
16)  I love old school (early to mid 90's) hip hop and R&B...Think Coolio, TLC, Salt and Peppa...
18)  Another bucket list item, related to #8, I want to swim with Dolphin's someday.
19)  I wanted six boys when I was younger.  I was a nanny during the summer for a family of four boys, and loved it.  Now I have one boy, and one girl, and they are kicking my trash!
20)  Entering the teaching profession was an early 30's career change.  I once called teaching, "My form of Hell on Earth".  I was 19, and boy has that changed!  I love it!
21)  I have a weird desire to get one of those ridiculously expensive hair cuts at a high end salon in New York.  Not sure why though...
22)  I truly believe you can do anything you put your mind too.
23)  I really, really, really hate doing dishes.  I am pretty sure they will lead to my demise some day.
24)  My children are both interracial adoptions.  Love it!
25)  I can play The Star Spangled Banner on my nose. And probably any other song  you wanted to hear too!
26)  I love cheese and sugar.  But when I am having a sugar craving, chocolate is okay, but I prefer stuff that is straight sugar like gummy bears, apricot rings, smarties, Skittles, etc.  And I LOVE cheese. I could eat a whole block of Velveeta, no problem.
27)  The local gas station knows me by first name as I am in there at least 5 mornings a week by 7:00 am to get my daily 44 oz of Diet Coke/Diet Dr Pepper aka "Black Gold".  I occasionally fuel my car there as well.
28)  I worked doing phone surveys while in college.
29) Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a TRUE Aggie.
30)  My wierdest experiences running seem to involve wildlife.  I live out in the sticks, so being chased by goats, running into deer, and being eyed by skunks as you pray they don't spray you are fairly regular occurences.