Monday, October 5, 2015

Serious Blog Neglect!!

Wow!  It's been awhile since I last posted!  Here's what's new with me, for all 3 readers of this blog.

I finished off my racing season.  I actually did the Utah Half 70.3 and never did a race report.  It was brutal.  I didn't train for it like I should have, and it showed.  The swim was awful, way, way, way too shallow of water.  It made Lake Woodlands look like the Caribbean.  Just plain nasty.  However, I did have a 5 minute PR for this swim.  I think I really just wanted to be out of that nasty, murky, mud puddle.  The bike was hot and windy.  I forgot how bad the roads are the middle third of race.  My arse wasn't happy bouncing and rattling around on chip seal for that long.  I got off the bike and was cramping EVERYWHERE, even my hands.  I was not having fun on the run and mentally was ready to turn in my timing chip as I have never cramped like that.  I gave myself a 30 minute/3 mile time limit.  If I wasn't feeling better by then I gave myself permission to quit.  Luckily, BASE salt saved the day and I found a groove and was able to finish.  Still brutal, but I did it. Final Finish time was 6:42:40, only 22 minutes past my PR, and considering how NOT ready for this I was, and the fact it felt much longer, I'll take it.

I was then supposed to do the St. George Marathon on Saturday.  I DNS'd again.  I did this two years ago as well due to an injury, and here I was in the same situation.  I have been nursing a knee injury, and by the time I finally got it better, I had missed so much of the training, that it wouldn't have been worth it.  So, I decided not to make it a 4-5 hour Sufferfest, which it would have been as well as risked further injury to the knee that is finally doing better.

For the first time in at least 3 years, I currently have no races on the calendar.  This is so weird for me, but I am okay with it.  I know that once the registration opens for next year's local stuff, I will sign up for short distance tri's.  I really want to try to qualify and possibly go to Nationals again. They will be in Omaha and I would love to take a crack at it.  I will probably sign up for several local sprints and see what happens :)

What is my focus now?  To be honest, it is on coaching my swimmers!  This has been perfect for me on so many levels.  It has given me an outlet and focus post IMTX that I have needed. It filled a void I knew would come with the let down of that race, and I have loved it.  The kids are amazing.  I love it! I have great assistant coaches, a big team, and a fun season ahead.

As far as my own training goes, I am trying to find a happy median.  I haven't been doing much with the added obligation of coaching to already working full time and being wife/mom.  I need to find a doable volume and goal (hence the sprints for next season), but also give myself a mental break.  Today I am going to start the Jillian Michael's Body Shred 60 day program.  It is 30 minutes a day and will give me some activity and a different focus other than SBR, and will work on strength training, which I need.  I am excited about it!

That's all that is new here.  I still spend way too much time on Tri websites and forums.  I am finding that knowledge gained from doing that over the past several years is paying off now that I am coaching.  I love that this combines a hobby of mine, and now an aspect of my job.  Win/win!  I still want to do another Ironman, but am okay with it being a few years.  I don't have the burning urge to go immediately do another one.  It's a great place to be at.

In the meantime, happy training and racing all!!