Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Training Ramblings and Accountability time!

Last week's training was supposed to look like this:

Monday- Bike 30 with Climbing, Strength training
Tuesday- Run 6 miles, swim 1750 m
Wednesday- Bike 40 with climbing, OWS group at Pineview
Thursday- Swim 1500, Run 4 speed work
Friday- Bike 65 with climbing
Saturday- Long run 8 miles

All I did was the 30 mile ride and then the long run on Tuesday, and then I got sick and took the rest of the week off.  Wednesday-Friday I could barely get out of bed my head hurt so bad, and then I slowly started to feel better on the weekend.  Yuck!

I still think I am okay as far as my training goes, I think it was more important to rest than to push through.  I still have 3-4 good rides before the Triple, so I should be okay. My Dad keeps telling me that it isn't a race, so as long as we aren't out to break land speed records, I will be fine.  

I am getting excited about a few things.  One, I got a new bike saddle.  I can't help but thinking that I can be more comfortable than I am on my bike in regards to my butt.  My seat is just okay.  It is better than the stock seat that came with Belle, but not as good as I think it could be.  I just invested in a new saddle after reading many online reviews and got the Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow one, in black.  I only have yesterday's ride to vouch for, but it was better.  Not perfect, but better than the one I have been on, the Surfas RX.  I will keep you posted!

Nothing else new.  Glad to be feeling better, here is what is on tap this week for training:

Monday (yesterday) - Bike 30
Tuesday - swim 2500, run 6
Wednesday - Bike 40, OWS night
Thursday - Run 3 speed, Swim 1750
Friday - Bike 65 with climbing
Saturday - Long run, 8 miles

In the meantime, Happy training and racing!

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  1. I just got over a sinus infection myself! The year I did Ironman Branson 70.3 I had bronchitis and I never gave myself time to get over it and I struggled so bad through that race! I think rest was a good idea.