Friday, October 4, 2013

First DNS

Tomorrow is the St. George Marathon.  Even though I got in with the lottery, trained for it, and was fully planning on going, I will not be among the runners at the start line in the morning.

Training for this race has been miserable.  Even though this was going to be marathon #5, the training was derailed on many accounts.  It started with the fact that I started getting GI issues on many of my long runs and had to call many of them short.  I still can't pin down why this happened and what I did differently to have this happen on some runs and not others.  I haven't changed my diet, or my nutrition on long runs in 4 years, so I am at a loss as to what the issue is.  But let's just say that when it happened I would be out the rest of the run and the rest of the day remaining.  Then as if that wasn't bad enough, my peroneal tendon that acted up last spring was back in full force and bothered me even while taped and on short easy runs.

Maybe I called this race to early.  I am really beating myself up today as my friends are all headed down to run tomorrow.  I want to race with them but the thought of a marathon makes me want to throw up!  Running has really hated me lately and last time I was at the doctor to have my ankle checked out, he said no running anyhow for another month.  Granted, I maybe could have sucked it up, but it would have been a miserable race.

Next year I am for sure NOT doing any full marathons next year.  I am generally good on runs up to around a half marathon, but that's it.  I am not even going to do any run specific events next year other than the SLC Half which is my fave and has become a staple on my race calender.  Other than that, I am thinking all tris and bike specific events for me in 2014!

For now I am just taking the time to take a break. I am not on any specific training plan at the moment and am simply biking or swimming as I want or don't want.  I am going to start my official training plan for StG 70.3 in January, but till then it is going to be a basic routine of maintaining a basic level of fitness.  I will do a Turkey Trot in Denver when we are there for Thanksgiving, it is a 5k, then probably another 5k Santa Run in December, but this season is wrapped up for me for now :)