Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week in Review

My first week of summer training is complete and I did pretty well.  I can't say that I was 100% with my planned training, but I had some pretty good reasons for the adjustments I made.  Here is what was planned and in red is the reality.

Monday - Bike - 40 miles with climbing CHECK!
Tuesday - Swim 1250 meters, run 3 track speed work Actually swam 1650 meters, and ran 3 miles, though not on a track. 
Wednesday - bike 30, probably down to Kaysville and climb up to HW 89, then OWS that night Yep, just as planned. It was so fun to be back in Pineview for OWS
Thursday - Swim 1500, run 4 Lame excuse day.  Forgot to set my alarm, by the time I woke up lap swim time was over.  I could have gone later that night but didn't.  As for the run, I ran a half mile.  Yep, that's it.  It was a really bad day, this run started off no better, I just wasn't feeling it and came home. 
Friday - Bike 60 with climbing, probably head up to Trappers Loop Took today off in prep for the big ride that happened Saturday.
Saturday - long run - 8 miles I did my long ride on Saturday.  I did 50 miles starting in Emigration Canyon, then over and up Big Mountain from the south.  Rode just past East Canyon Resort and  then back.  

This is what the breakdown looked like, and it isn't bad considering I don't have any running events coming up other than the portions of the Olympic Distance Triathlons I have coming, and with my main focus being on the Triple Bypass in 33 days, I am happy with this break down, though I will do my long run this week :)

My long ride this week was the highlight and horror at the same time.  I was invited on a group ride with some guys from my tri group.  I knew right away I would not be able to keep up with them, but they were doing a route that I hadn't done before but have wanted to.  The original plan was to go 85 miles and do around 7500 ft of climbing.  I knew that was advantageous for where I am in my training, but I decided to play the day by ear and see how it went.  I ended up doing this ride mainly solo, as I predicted, but it was fun to see the guys out there.  The first climb in Emigration Canyon is steep, then you get a slight downhill and then you climb up Big Mountain.  I have done Big Mountain several times, but all from the other direction, then once I got to the top, I went down the way I came.  This time I went up and over.  It is ugly no matter which direction you come from.  I did fine the first time over, then I rode to just past East Canyon Resort and decided to turn around and call it a day.  My legs were already very fatigued, and I knew that just going back to my car over Big Mountain AGAIN and up Emigration AGAIN would be tough, so I turned around and came back.  I really struggled over Big Mountain.  I would be lying if the thought to just get off and walk didn't come to me.  My quads were cramping big time, and I was dripping sweat and just ready to be off my bike.  I was doing okay nutrition wise, probably could have used a little more water, but it wasn't bad.  Just for a note to myself, my nutrition for this ride was Perpetuem and Shot Blocks, with a couple Gu thrown in.  I am really digging those things right now!  They are too much on the run, but for the bike, I am loving them!  

Anyhow, I wasn't out for any land speed records, and I had no problem stopping to rest where needed or take pictures like the ones below.  I am always reminded on rides like this how lucky I am to train and live in such a gorgeous place!  The ride came to 50 miles and over 5100 feet of climbing!  I was proud of that, but when I talked to my Dad about it, he reminded me that if I can do these rides, I am good to go, as there is nothing quite that steep in the Triple.  It makes me feel somewhat better :)

So, I am pretty happy with this first week of summer training.  For accountability sake, here is what is on tap for this coming week:

Monday- Bike 30 with Climbing, Strength training
Tuesday- Run 6 miles, swim 1750 m
Wednesday- Bike 40 with climbing, OWS group at Pineview
Thursday- Swim 1500, Run 4 speed work
Friday- Bike 65 with climbing
Saturday- Long run 8 miles

I am loving this summer training!  My day seriously goes so much better when I get my workouts in and get them done early.  Most days this week I was able to have it done before my kids were even awake then I could enjoy the day with them.  Love my summers off!  In the meantime,

Happy training and racing!

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