Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weather putting a damper on things!

I live in Northern Utah.  The weather here is seriously bi-polar.  Yesterday we had a high of 48 and it rained All. Day. Long.  The field next to my house now looks like a lake.  Wonderful.  That means the mosquitos are going to be in full force.  Today I woke up and my house is 57 degrees as I refuse to turn on the heat in mid-June.  Really?  And of course, it will be 90 again by the weekend!

So, with the torrential down pour all day yesterday, I didn't get a run or ride in.  I guess I could have/should have sucked it up, but it seemed like the perfect weather for staying in bed all day and reading, so that is what I did!  Does it count if some of that reading was on BT or Slowtwitch or my Triathlete Training Bible?!?  Of course the pool wasn't an option either as they now have the bubble cover down from over it and it was closed.  And tonight's open water swim with my tri group...cancelled.  I am going for a run mid day when we are supposed to hit high 50's and low 60s, then I will ride tomorrow.  I really need to get another wheel to swap out on my bike so I can just throw it on the trainer.  The thing is, with my new Gator Skin tires, I can barely change them and it isn't worth swapping out a trainer tire for one rainy day.  I know, I know, just another excuse.

The good news is that I am feeling a lot better.  I still am somewhat congested, but the sinus headaches are gone and the chills/heat flashes that came with the fever.  I am excited to get in another long ride on Friday and then a run on Saturday.  We'll see how it goes!

Happy training/racing all!

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