Monday, February 2, 2015

What a Perfect Week Looks Like

I nailed every single work out last week, even the extras I add on to the training plan I am following.  I hit ever transition run and strength training session.  They didn't all go fantastic, but I DID THEM!  This is what it looks like from Training Peaks:

I will admit, I am becoming a bit of a data junkie. I love Training Peaks.  It is amazing to me how motivating seeing the little bars go up and down are for your training.  Also, it doesn't show it here, but I did over 100 miles last week too.  WOOHOOO!  This IM training stuff rocks.
Now for the get real part.  By the time my long run was done on Saturday, I was toast.  My body was feeling each and every one of those 100+ miles last week.  My ankle hurt, my shoulder hurt, and I was completely exhausted.  By the time I got a good night's sleep that night I was fine, but it was tough! 
This week will look much the same volume wise.  It will just be trickier to fit it all in seeing as how we have a ton of extra stuff this week.  Friday's long ride is 55 miles, and Saturday's run is 12. 
What did I learn in Week 7 of IMTX training?
-In my ongoing experimentation with nutrition, I tried the EFS Liquid Shot this week for my long bike.  NUTRITION FAIL.  I felt alright, but man, is it nasty.  I had the wild berry flavor, and it tasted like a liquefied fig newton.  And I hate fig newtons.  Not to mention is made me feel gassy and bloated and I was belching a TON on my long ride.  That goes into the NOPE category.  I think I will stick with the Gatorade Endurance and Shot Blocks :)
-I had a fantastic long swim on Thursday night.  Averaged a 1:51/100 meters.  Not bad at all!  I am going to start timing the long swims and see how this compares from week to week.
-I really did pick the perfect training plan for me.  As it goes on, it just makes more and more sense and works for me.  I love that every 3rd week is a recovery week.  It breaks the training up for me.  I love that all the workouts are very specific and I know exactly what I need to accomplish for each of them.  The build is all gradual and makes sense.  I feel like following this plan I will be ready for IMTX :)
Week 8 is another build week, but then next week is Recovery! Happy Training and Racing all!

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