Thursday, January 29, 2015

Find your inner champion

Saturday night I attended a season kick off party for the Salt Lake Tri Club.  I was not a member, at the time, but they were having Julie Moss and Kathleen McCartney come and speak, and I wanted to go.  Trying to talk the IronSherpa into coming wasn't happening, so I took Joshua, my 11 year old, with me. 

They were so good, I don't know where to begin!  I really loved how they both stressed that success comes from within and everyone has an inner champion, regardless of how you finish a race.  A few things they said stood out...

"It was never a question in my mind IF I would finish.  I just knew I would, no doubt." 

"When I crossed that finish line, even though I crawled, I found an inner strength that wasn't there before.  A life changing inner strength."

These are amazing to me and exactly what I needed to hear while training for my first IM.  I have wondered at times, "What if I can't finish?"  " What if I don't have enough?"  Now I know I just need to change that mindset to not IF, but HOW and WHEN.

Joshua honestly went along for the food initially, but he ended up enjoying it.  I was surprised that he paid attention the whole time and was glad he went.  I asked him what he got out of it and he said, "That you have to work hard to make good things happen."  Exactly!

I ended up joining SLTC.  The discounts alone will more than pay for the membership of $25 for the year.  Plus, I got a cool swag bag with a t-shirt, water bottle and swim cap.  It still doesn't cease to amaze me what us athletes will do for a t-shirt :)

This was a great way to start Week 7 of training.  Crap is getting real!  Happy training and racing!

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