Wednesday, February 4, 2015

100 Days Till I'm an Ironman....

According the my countdown app, I have 100 days until I hear Mike Reilly say the beloved words every triathlete training for an IM wants to  hear.  100 days!!! I am so excited I still can't stand it!

What's on my mind 100 days out?  Details, details, details.  I have started making lists, and more lists, and then some lists of lists I should make.  Type A you say?  For sure!

I have started making the pack list.  Not just of what to take to Texas, but specifically a list for each of the 5 bags they give you.  What will go in my morning clothes bag, what will be in the bike gear bag, the run gear bag and the Special Needs bags.

I have another list of things to do while we are down there.  People I want to see.  Places we want to eat.  Things for the IronSherpa to do while waiting for me on the bike, etc.

I have yet whole other bunch of lists for my Mom in regards to her caring for the kids that week.  And it goes on and on...

Training wise, I am in a good place.  I am missing very few workouts. Maybe one a week, if that, but never the critical core ones.  I am looking at events coming up that are non-tri related and trying to make sure that I can still do them and work my training around them. 

I am still eating like a horse and sleeping like a baby.

I am still reading anything and everything I can about this race.  I now consider the people on the IMTX Facebook page extended family.  They are great for posting ideas, advice, support, recommendations, you name it.  Probably because they are among the few who actually "get" what you are going through.  We plan to try to meet up the week of the race.

I think that I will be ready.  I have gone from freak out mode (it still happens on occasion) to feeling strong and confident that I can actually pull this off.  I am training well.  I am handling the increasing volume well.  I am injury free. 

I am loving this journey.  People are not lying when they say that it is the journey of a lifetime. 

So, Happy 100 Days!  Happy Training and racing!


  1. Glad to hear of your excitement, but slow down girl! LOL You are going to work your self up into a frenzy! 100 days is still a long time to worry about packing. Keep training, stay focused and enjoy the journey!

  2. Wow... 100 days doesn't sound like a very long time! Glad to hear you are on top of everything! Triathlons definitely attract Type A personalities. I am the opposite as I just toss everything in a bag and hope for the best :)