Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My new gig

For all 3 of my readers, you probably know by now that I am a teacher.  I teach high school resource English.  I really like teaching most days, but have wanted to be more involved in the school but not sure how.  I have gone to my administration and asked them for opportunities, but nothing thus far has come up. 

Monday that all changed.  Three of my four administrators came down into my 3rd period class and asked to see me in the hall.  Um, what?  This can't be good if it takes three of them and it is worth interrupting my class for.  Uh oh. What parent complained now? I walk out and one of them immediately says, "You can relax, Katie, this is all good."  Whew!

They then told me that they have a hole they need to fill in the school and they think I am the one to do it.  They then extend the invitation to be the new head swim coach.  Wait, what??  This completely came out of left field.  The current coach has been doing it for 45 years.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He used to teach history here, retired, but continued to coach the swim team.  He has finally decided it is time to COMPLETELY retire and go spend his life savings traveling the world.  I say that I am very interested, but need to run it past IronSherpa and think about it.

I call Ken and he is thrilled for me.  He thinks it will be a great focus for me post IMTX, when most people sink into Ironman Blues or are left wondering, what next?

So, I have accepted.  I am beyond excited.  I get an assistant coach, who is a good friend of mine, Tyler, who will be a rock star and the kids will love him.  I get to go to Seattle in April for a conference for swim coaches. This will all officially take effect next year as the final meet of the year is this weekend.  I don't feel that I have a clue what I am really doing as I have never coached, but I feel that I have really good supports in place.  There are many amazing parents who pitch in and take care of a ton.  I have a supportive administration and, like I mentioned, an amazing assistant coach.  Its going to be a learning curve, but I am so excited!  I feel that it is just combining two things I love, teaching and swimming!

Obviously, I will keep you posted.  There won't be much happening with it until fall other than my trip to Seattle in a few weeks, but it definitely gives me something to look forward to.

Happy training and racing all!


  1. That is awesome! I'm one of your three readers or maybe an absent number four :-).

  2. Congrats! Sounds like a fun new adventure!

  3. Congrats, you should looking into the certification offered by USMS.