Monday, February 16, 2015

Trainer miles are boring

We have had unseasonably warm weather here in Northern Utah.  As much as I enjoy it, it does have me scared about our water supply and the quality of our open water swimming this year.  Anyhow, I figured I might as well enjoy it and the thought of riding my on my trainer was painful enough for me to mess with the dang tire and change it out for an outdoor ride.

I decided to take a ride out to Antelope Island.  My favorite out-my-front-door ride.  Apparently I wasn't the only one with the idea to enjoy the nice day on the island, as the line of cars to get on the causeway was the longest that I had ever seen.  It didn't matter or effect me any, the roads are smooth and the shoulders are wide enough it wasn't an issue.  The ride out there was awful with a terrible headwind.  Once I was out there I did my normal loop up around the visitor center and enjoyed the sweet down hill that came after.  I saw at least a half dozen coyotes, a few jack rabbits and tons of birds.  It was just nice to be outside again!  On the way back across the cause way, I was flying!  I averaged 21 mph with the tail wind. It was so nice!

I had to put the trainer tire back on when I got home because nice weather or not, my schedule during a normal week doesn't allow me to ride outside, but it was nice for a break!

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  1. I would love to ride outside but I'm pretty sure I would need a fat tire bike and that's not in the budget this year... plus we are on the opposite end of the temperature spectrum. Windchills were -24 below. Even my dog decided we should run on the treadmill. Well, I run, and he stares at me.