Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have lived in Utah for 15 years now.  I came from growing up in Houston, and I swore I would love the four seasons, and snow!  I remember my first winter here, I loved the snow and got up extra early before class just so I could take my time walking to class in the snow!  I loved it!  I have loved it every year since...until this year!

This has by far been the worst winter I can remember.  Ever since Christmas, we have only had 1 day above 30.  We have had record snows, and the snow hasn't melted due to the freezing temps.  And if this cold wasn't enough, we had a freak ice storm this week.  Let's rub salt into the wound, alrighty Mother Nature?

This has really been hard on so many fronts.  One, just being motivated to train has been hard.  I just want to stay in my warm bed.  But another part, other than motivation is the pure logistics of it.  Syracuse is the worst ever on getting roads cleared, so the roads are down right dangerous to run on. With the ice storms this past week, driving is dangerous, so getting to the pool that is already 20 minutes away wasn't worth it when it was like a literal ice rink and the UDOT is telling everyone to stay home.

I guess you could say I still have my bike, and I would have nothing but lame excuses for why I haven't hit my trainer more this week, but I didn't.  I guess you could say I am suffering from lack of Vitamin D, and I am in a total funk.  Oh, and did I forget to mention the inversion?  NBC actually did a brief on how Utah has the worse air in the nation, and most of the time, they are telling us to stay inside.  Lovely.  They are even keeping kids in from recess in some schools due to the air quality.

So this is where I am at.  I am trying to dangle a carrot out in front of myself to keep me motivated to work out.  I am thinking that if I can go until my first race (meaning first tri on March 31) with out skipping a work out, I should earn something.  But I don't know what?  What would make that worth it?  Keeping in mind this is 9 work outs a week, and some strength work (5-10 minutes of planks, crunches, push ups, etc) daily.  What would be worth it to you?  Part of me is thinking a new tri suit, or even the 910 XT I am begging my husband for.

How do you stay motivated?  Do you reward yourselves?  What should I reward myself with if I stick to my training between now and my first race?

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