Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolution Run 10k

I was pretty excited to do this run. One of my goals for 2013 is that I want to focus on shorter distances and being faster at them. This was one way to do that, and it is the first 10k I have done independent from the Olympic distance Tri I did up at Bear Lake. I also know the organizers, so it was fun to do a local race where I know the owners.

This is the first race that Utah Endurance Events has ever done as they are a brand new racing company. I honestly didn't expect much at all knowing that this is their first race. Well, I was wrong! It was very well organized! I was impressed by they registration process, the inexpensive race fee, and they actually had a really cool t-shirt!

The one thing I was worried about regarding this race was something completely out of their control, and that is the weather. It has been DANG cold, to say the least. Today was no exception. At the start line as I was waiting in my car for more people to arrive and start the race, my car said -2 degrees. WTH?!? I kept thinking that I should have stayed in bed, but since I was already there, maybe I would get in line with the 5k racers and call it good. But honestly, I really wanted to say that I have done a 10k, and I knew other people doing the race, so I decided to tough it out. The run was all through the west side of Kaysville, starting at Boondocks and joining the Rail Trail at a few spots. I had never run that far down on the trail, though I have been on it on my bike. It was a gorgeous morning even though it was still cold. I was impressed that they had aid stations every 2-3 miles, though I didn't stop to use them. I felt bad for the volunteers braving the cold to man the street corners and those stations! It was so cold out, at least I was moving and warming up some! They were all very cheerful and clapping and supporting us runners as we went by. Hats off for great volunteers!

I honestly felt really good the whole run. I had dressed just right, not too warm and not too cold. I was really glad that I made the decision to wear two pairs of gloves though, as I have had my fingers freeze on a few runs this week in similar temps. It paid off as I had toasty hands the whole time, and honestly, as long as my feet, head, and hands are warm, I don't need too many other layers to be okay on these freezing runs. I was honestly more cold once I was done!

The run itself was pretty uneventful for me, I was feeling good, keeping a pretty good pace, though I made a point not to glance at my watch to see what exactly that pace was. I just wanted to enjoy this run and go as much by feel as I could. I only had one person pass me the entire 6.2 miles, so that was great as well! It does wonders for you mentally when you pass those around you :)

I was really ready to be done about mile 5 when I started to feel the muscles on my face be really stiff and hard to smile. This was just a couple miles after my eyelashes started to freeze together and make it hard to open my eyes at the corners. I decided to try to sprint the last 1/4 of a mile to the finish and was pleasantly surprised to see the clock at the finish say 1:01:32, which was exactly the time my Global Trainer recorded for the run as well. That is an average pace of 9:54/mile, which as all three of you regular readers know, is awesome for me. I finished 8th in my age group (dang, there are some fast women out there!) and 17th overall. I would call this a very good day!

I would definitely do this run again. It was well organized, small and local. They did a great job and I enjoyed it, even with the cold.

My next race isn't until the start of February when I start the Striders Winter Racing Series with their 5k. I am hoping for a PR with a good month of training ahead of me! In the meantime...

Happy training all!

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