Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Race Plan!

I have been brewing for months over what my goals are for 2013, and what races I want to do, and how to sync those two things together in being smart about what races and events I do, instead of just signing up for whatever ones come my way.  I have done that in the past and would like to hope that I am a little bit smarter this year (here's to hoping anyway).  I first had to determine what my goals were, then pick a races and events that would align with those goals.

My goals for 2013 are as follows:

1) Improve my run speed.  This is what continually keeps me off the podium, or at least is the biggest issue.  Other things will come with practice, such as my T times, etc.  I know that by doing shorter distances and focusing on intensity, instead of volume, I can hopefully improve my pace.

2) Sub 2 hour Half marathon.  My most recent 13.1 time and my PR is 2:08:42.  I am hoping to make that a sub 2 hour.

3) Remain injury free.  I have come to realize that my plantar fascitis is going to come and go, but I have learned to manage it.  I am hoping that with the continued cross training that is the essence of tri training that I can remain injury free, as well as implementing strength training, stretching, and my foam roller. 

4) One sport specific event a least.  I want to have at least one cycling specific, one run specific, and one swim specific event a year. 

5)  Be consistent!  I want to be consistent in all that I do.  Mainly in my training, but also in my diet, and my performances, and hopefully that means consistently improving, even if it is by a couple of seconds.

6) One race a month.


So, with these goals in mind, here is my tentative (things can always change and life happens) race schedule for 2013....drum roll please......

1/5  Resolution Run 10k
2/2  Striders 5k
2/16  Striders 10k
2/23  Romp and Stomp (a snow shoe-ing 5k)
3/9  Striders 10 miler
3/30 Icebreaker Sprint Tri
4/6  Striders Half Marathon
4/20 Salt Lake City Half Marathon
4/27  Striders 18 miler
5/18  STG Olympic Tri
6/1  Little Red Century Ride
7/27  Spudman Olympic Tri
8/24  Utah 70.3 Relay - Swim portion
9/14  Ogden Valley Sprint Tri
10/5  St. George 26.2 (if I get in with the lotto)
11/21  Turkey Trot 5k
12/7  Santa Run 5k

So this would give me 10 running events (the bulk of which are part of the Striders Winter Racing Series),  one cycling event (my first century ride!), 5 triathlons (one of which is a relay), and a show shoe event just for fun.  Whew!  It seems like a lot, but it does stick with the one event a month, with the exception of the races that are part of the Striders Winter Racing series. 

I am so excited!  Especially since the first race is just 48 hours away, and it is my first independent 10k!  The only other one I have ever done was connected to the Olympic Distance tri I did at Bear Lake in August.  This season will also bring me my first triathlon relay, my first century ride, and my first out of state race, which will be the Spudman Oly in July, which is in Burley, Idaho on the Snake River.  

I do like repeating some races, but only if I really like them, as is the case with the Salt Lake City Half, and the St. George Marathon, and the Ogden Valley Tri.  I like to try new things, new races, and new race organizers.  This year I am also not racing with any company that doesn't do finisher medals.  Dumb, I know, but it is what it is.  I, of course, don't expect them for 5-10k races, but otherwise, bring on the bling!

So, there is it.  Let's git er done!  And in the mean time...

Happy Training All!

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