Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book Review - You are an Ironman

You Are an Ironman: How Six Weekend Warriors Chased Their Dream of Finishing the World's Toughest Triathlon

With a few weeks off at Christmas and some long hours in the car, I knew I needed to read something.  I honestly like any kind of book, but I really like reading about real people's lives.  With my new found hobby of triathlon, I had seen this one recommended on BeginnerTriathlete.  So, I downloaded it to my Ipad and was eager to start it!

This book is written by a man who has many friends who are part of a triathlon club.  The author himself has done a few shorter distance races, but not the Ironman.  He follows a few of them that are competing in the Ironman Arizona, both the year that they register and the following year where they compete.  This book follows six different people, regular Joe's by most standards, and their journeys to hear Mike Rice call their name and say the famous words, "You are an Ironman!"

I loved that this followed regular favorites.  Though I love to read and hear about the pros, I can't relate to them, as much as I admire them.  I have to juggle my training with being a full time wife, mom, and teacher.  I have can't dedicate the time to training that they do.  I don't have the sponsors throwing gear, bikes, and all kinds of training gadgets at me.  I am a regular "weekend warrior" who juggles this with the demands of a regular life.  That is exactly who the people in this book are.  They are regular men and women with families, jobs, insecurities, lack of financial resources to fix their cars, much less hire a private coach to design their training plans.    They are from all over the country and deal with illness, family issues, injuries, insecurities, and they are who might be next to any average age grouper at any given triathlon any given weekend.

Their stories fascinated me, and kept me interested.  I could relate to their frustration with bike crashes.  I could relate to the injuries that plague what would otherwise be great training.  I could relate to them struggling to stay motivated to train at all!

If you want a book where you can see how truly any one that wants to and has the drive to complete an Ironman while dealing with every day life, you will love this!  I think that given the range of people featured in the book, surely there is someone you could relate to.  I loved one quote from the book "The road to an Ironman is paved with LIFE".  It went to show that no matter how or what you are dealing with, you can still do whatever you set your mind to.

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