Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day!  I started my day by sleeping in (if you consider 6:30 am sleeping in) then hit the scheduled Insanity Workout for the day - Max Cardio Recovery.  The word "recovery" should be taken VERY lightly there.  It was 45 minutes of strength/yoga style stuff that kicked my trash.  I finished a half hour ago and my quads are STILL burning.  I will probably attempt a 3-4 mile run later this evening, to help counter today's calorie overload!

BUT...I did get on the scale this morning and found I finally broke past 151 on the scale leaving me at 150.5.  I haven't seen anything under 151 in well over 8 months! WOOHOOO!

I have so many things to be thankful for, but since this is a sports/training/running/triathlon/fitness blog, I will focus on those kind of things I am thankful for today.

Number 1 - I am thankful for my body.  I am thankful that it is healthy and strong and can take the abuse that I regularly put it through.  I seem to like pushing the limits on things, with a "Go big or go home" attitude.  I am not good about easing into anything, often leading to my own burn out, injury, or frustration.  I am thankful for my body for taking this abuse and it keeps going!  I am thankful for the fitness I have that I am able to go and do the things I love...swim, bike, run, Insanity, run and play with my kids like I am their age, or just put up with the demands of working full time and being a wife/mom/sister/friend.  I am amazed at the human body and its capabilities and so grateful for my health!

I am thankful to have discovered triathlon this year!  I feel like I have been in the sport for much longer than I have, probably because I have always been interested in it, studying it, etc, and just barely this year tried it!  It seems like the Women of Steel Tri, my first, was just a month ago!  As much as I loved running in my pre-tri life, and I still do, triathlon has brought me more challenges, fun, friends and experiences than I could have even imagined and I am just one season into it!  I already have tons of big ideas for 2013, none of which are official (in the form of a registration that is) but I can't wait to see what it brings.

Have a great Thanksgiving!  Be safe, and Happy Training!

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