Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

2012 was a great year.  It was the first year I branched into the triathlon world and quickly found my new addiction.  I ended up completing 4 tris this year, and it was great!  Here are my top moments, from my perspective of 2012:

BEST RACE MEDAL:  I'm all about the race bling.  I think that I was most excited about my first tri medal EVER (even though it was my fourth tri) at Ogden Valley Sprint.

HARDEST EVENT:  I must say Wildflower Pedalfest.  I know that I was prepared.  I had no idea how hard getting my arse and bike up Big Mountain would be.  I have never been so wasted (tired) after a race/event.

LEAST FAVORITE RACE:  Meh, I loved them all for various reasons, but I could have taken or left the Daybreak Tri.  It was just okay.

FAVORITE EVENT:  St. George 26.2 continues to be my favorite race.  I love everything about it. From the organization, the course, the crowds, everything.  And to crossing the finish line at a marathon never gets old, and no other finish line compares (that I have done anyway)

FUNNEST EVENT:  Bear Lake Brawl Oly.  So much fun to be there with my new found TriBuddy peeps! We stayed in a cabin, cheered for each other, and hung out afterward.  So excited to do that more in 2013!

BEST PERFORMANCE IN A RACE:  I can't top St. George 26.2.  I mean really?  A PR by 21 minutes and a course PR of 27?  Nothing else I did this year compares to that.

WHAT I LEARNED:   I love triathlon.  I love my bike.  I love open water swimming.  I love pushing myself to the limits. I'm a strong swimmer. I'm a crappy runner.

FAVORITE TRI ADDITION OF 2012:  Other than acquiring my chariot, I have to say finding my tri group, TriBuddies, was the best thing to happen to me.  I love having friends with the same interests, and people that I can talk races, injuries, chafing issues, or training plans all day long and they actually can relate :)  So excited for upcoming events with them!

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