Monday, April 2, 2012

Small victory

I attended the 5:00 am Masters Swim this morning and I usually go to the 9 pm.  Anyhow, completely different group of people than what I usually see.  I got there early and was initially the first person in my lane.  Others started filtering in and then two girls, probably in there early 20's joined my lane. I could tell they were friends and they were very good swimmers.  I heard their conversation and they swim competitively on teams.  I still consider the swim my "weakest link" on the three tri sports, and though I can cover distance, I don't consider myself fast, and I am sure my form sucks.  But anyhow, they got to a part of the work out where we were supposed to do 50 meters hard.  They asked if I wanted to join them and race.  I initially thought, "Yeah right, so you can laugh at me?"  But, I didn't want to appear a wuss or pansy, so at the cost of potentially embarrassing myself I said I would.  I held my own with them, if not even leading for the first 25.  Because I am not proficient in the flip turn yet, I didn't bother, and I still managed to beat them both!  I so needed that pick  me up today!  I needed the confidence booster and it was awesome!  It's the little victories in training, right?

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