Thursday, April 19, 2012

Race week!

My season opener is this week!  My first race of the year is the Salt Lake City Half Marathon this Saturday.  I am way excited about it, and even though I have to be realistic about what my goals are, I am excited nonetheless.  I did this race last year.  I almost regretted signing up for it as what I had read online wasn't great, the expo was lame and the organizers were jerks about exchanging my race shirt that was like 4 sizes too big.  But, the next morning when I ran it, it quickly became my favorite half ever.  The route is all in the city, and hits the prettiest parts of it.  It is mostly speed!  And, since it is an urban race, there is awesome crowd support the entire way, making it so much fun.  Then, there is the best finish line ever, running over the cobblestone streets through the Gateway for the last half mile with thousands of people barricaded off to the sides cheering you on.  It is like your own little feel-like-a-rockstar moment.

My initial goal was to make this a PR race.  But, being realistic with my training lately and the times I have seen, I know that probably won't happen.  I'm not beating myself up too bad about it, because even though a year ago my training was alot better than it is now, a year ago I also wasn't working full time and going to school full time.  I will simply do the best that I can, and simply have fun.  I did that in last year's St. George Marathon, and even though I didn't PR that race, it was one of my most favorite, and I had a blast, and was satisfied with my performance.  So, it will be with that same goal that I have this week with this half.  And the weather is supposed to be sunny and 80, who can argue with that?

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