Friday, April 6, 2012

God gave me a birthday present

Today is my birthday.  I turned 33.  So far my 30's have been the time of my life, I feel that I am completely ME, and loving my life!  I love who I am in my 30's!  Anyhow, I was scheduled for a run today, and last night the weather forecast said it was supposed to be cold and snowy this morning.  Many people would hit the treadmill under those circumstances, but not me!  For one, I hate treadmills with a passion.  I think I would give up running all together if that was my only option for running.  Second, my favorite runs ever have either been in snow or rain.  I went to bed last night thinking, "Could I possibly be lucky enough to get a long run on my birthday in the snow?"  Well, this is what the trail looked like this morning.  It was perfect.  About 30 degrees, steady snow, but not enough to stick to the trails, and I had them all to myself.  I left the music and watch at home and just enjoyed what God gave me to start my day with.  Days like today remind me of why I love running, and why I keep doing amid the injuries, the time demands, and everything else it can throw at you. 

Running is really my first love as well.  As much as I enjoy  my bike, enjoy a relaxing swim, and enjoy the burn of a strength work out, nothing compares to running.  There is just something about it that is good for the soul.  Maybe it is the time to myself, the time in nature, the runner's high, whatever, but I love my runs.

Happy training!

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