Friday, March 30, 2012

Joined the club....

So, the more I look into the whole tri thing and talk to people that are doing it, I have more and more questions!  I know that many of these will probably be alleviated once I finally just do one, but in the mean time, I keep wondering about open water swims, transitioning, fueling, etc.  I have one friend that does tris, just completed her first Ironman, and she is part of a coaching facility where she pays for coaching, and all of that.  Though the support of that would be great, I don't have the budget for that! I'm still recovering from the bike purchase :)

Anyhow, after more searching online I found several local tri clubs.  I got more curious, looked into several of them, and they do some pretty fun stuff! I joined the one above, Northern Utah Triathletes.  For a small annual fee, you are in!  They offer tons of group workouts, open water swim clinics, socials, mock races, all kinds of stuff and I am so excited about it!  I can't wait to meet others, learn from their experiences, and hopefully improve my performance through it all.  It will be way fun, I have talked with the founder and coach, and she is going to be awesome!

So, I guess this means I am OFFICIALLY in the club, right?

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