Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I must say, I am in heaven with the warmer temps we have been having!  It allows for more enjoyable training with less layers, and more day light.  I have loved it!  Being a teacher, I have next week off for Spring Break and am really looking forward to getting more training in, and some good day time training as well!  I am hoping the head lamp can find it's way back to the drawer and I can enjoy the daylight!

In other news, I am debating another race.  I have to decide in the next few days if I want to do the St. George Marathon this year.  I told myself when I finished it last year that I would make myself do it every year.  And to date, it is my favorite race of all of them that I have done.  But, in all honesty, I have no desire to do a marathon this year.  If I don't do St George, I won't do one at all.  But then again, St. George makes it worth the training and the 26.2!  I would also need to figure out how to incorporate the marathon training into my Olympic distance tri training, but I am sure it could be done.

I am getting more used to my bike. I love it, but I need to get my body more comfortable on it.  I plan on upgrading the seat, which whill be crucial for the longer rides I plan on doing, and I will also like it when that muscle between my shoulders gets used to sitting that way, and will hurt less after 45 minutes on the bike :)

I had my first flat tire last week.  Of course, I didn't have my repair kit on me.  Dummy.  But I wouldn't have known what to do with it anyhow.  I called Ken on my cell phone and had him come to the rescue then took it into the bike shop and had them show me how to change it. 

And, as extra bonus, my avid cyclist father has ordered a bunch of gear for me and I have been getting boxes in the mail for the past week.  I got a cool new jersey, and it says "Biker Chick" on it.  Yeah, the simple pleasures...

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