Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa, I have been SOOOO good this year!

I have been thinking about what I really want for Christmas this year, and BOY!  I hope Santa has a big sleigh to bring me the stuff I want!  Yeah, this is the "if money is no object" list.  But a girl can dream right?

Yeah, basic, but I need a bike helmet.  Not necessarily this one, but it might be nice as I enter the cycling world...

And, what good is a bike helmet with no bike?  That would be just silly, right?  Yeah, this is my dream ride below, except in red or pink...LOL

And, I wouldn't mind a new Garmin, since mine has been dead the last few months.  I soooo miss it!

 And I am sure seeing this butt picture is weird, but these are padded bike shorts.  The last bike ride I went on, I remember being quite "saddle sore" for days after.  So, this might help a bit...but I wouldn't mind the butt that they are on either ;)

 I think Ken is getting tired of me hanging all my race medals on the corner of our bedroom mirror.  One of these would be cool!

 Yes, I want this coat in this color.  I would love to be as bright as a Christmas tree when I do my evening/early morning runs, and if all I had to do was put a coat on (minus the reflective vest, the flashing LED light, etc) I would be a happy girl!

Just a fun kinda wish list.  If you have a triathlete on your Christmas buying list, take note!  Whose going to send this to Ken?  LOL

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  1. Why not leave it up accidentally and let him run across it early one morning?