Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ironman Kona - What is my excuse?

I watched for the first time coverage of an Ironman event, which happened to be the coverage of the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  AMAZING!  They of course put alot of the coverage on the pros competing, but I was more touched by the non-pro people the covered.  You know, the more every day people that are all completing it for one reason or another.  They had one man that was a double leg amputee from a car accident that finished.  Another woman who had just 3 years earlier been well over 300 pounds.  A 50 year old who had spent the year battling aggressive stage 4 colon cancer.  There were a ton of people 70+ that were doing it!  If you can watch that with completely dry eyes and not be touched you are not human!  It made me think, what the heck is my excuse?  I don't have one.  Mark my words.  I will complete an Ironman someday.  My goal is by the time I am 40, so it gives me a few years.  I still need to get a bike for my first sprint for Pete's sake! 

One thing that it did accomplish for me was to really motivate me to get back to my off season training.  I have been sick this week, pretty sure it is strep throat, and have just felt like crap, so the work outs have been non-existent.  This just gives me extra motivation to shake it off and get back to work!  I am just that much more fired up and ready to get into this whole tri thing.  I can't wait for Women of Steel in May!

So what about you?  What is your goal?  What are you working for?  Even if it is to work out regularly, do your first 5k, or complete  as many push ups as you can in a minute, the key is JUST DO IT! 

Happy training all!

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