Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Masters Swim

So, tonight was my first official branching out from running into a real swim work out.  I went the the Aquatic Center for their Masters Swim group.  Basically, it is a structured work out with a coach, though people there are at all levels, and you can really do anything you want to do, follow their work out, or not.  Pretty flexible and laid back.  I met the coach right off, I think she zero'd in on me since I was the only girl their with like 18 guys.  I told her I hadn't swam in ages, really swam anyhow.  She gave me a run down of how it went, and explained the work out on the white board, and that was that.  I looked at the total distance of the swim work out and it was 2150 meters.  This seemed like a ton to me since I haven't done a structured swim work out in 20 years.  I figured I would just go as far as I could and then call it good.  I did have a few questions here and there, but it went well!  I surprised myself by being able to finish the work out in just under an hour.  But that was stopping for several breaks, visiting here and there with other people around me, and getting pointers from the coach.  She had good feed back on my kicks.  She said that she was impressed and I wasn't as bad as she thought based on what I told about how long it had been since I swam.  Is that a good or bad thing?  Anyhow, I felt good about it!

I will definately go again next week.  I liked how it was structured, but pretty welcoming.  It was kinda wierd being the only girl there, but I'm not complaining :).  Plus, I am kinda used to that with marathons, not as many women doing the fulls.  People were friendly and it was a good experience.  I am just basically trying to get myself familiar with the water again, and working on my endurance.  But, for not knowing exactly what to expect, it was great!  Definately going to make this a weekly ritual!

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