Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Streaking with Friends

My amazing friend, Toby, has organized a streaking group.  Yep, a run streaking group, I should clarify :)  The goal is to run every day through the new year for a total of a 40 day running streak.  I figured, why the heck not?  I am trying to work on my run anyhow, and it is always easier to do so when you have friends that you are accountable to.  It started on Sunday, but since I don't race/train on Sundays, my first day was Monday.  I'm not going to lie, I skipped it.  It was just one of those days where I didn't fit it in.  However, I ran the last two.  Yesterday was a scheduled trainer day.  I did my hour long brutal Sufferfest video in the comfort of my own warm basement and then realized I hadn't run yet.  Dangit, I was already pooped!  I then look outside and it is cold, windy, dark, and had started to rain. Well isn't that lovely?!?  I decided I could do at least a mile.  Just a couple times around  my block.  I decided to take Milo with me.  He never goes running with me.  He's a 7 pound shitzu Maltese mix.  More of a purse dog (if I ever put him in a purse, shoot me, please) than a running dog.  However, he does like to run and I figured my little Swiffer on legs could handle it.  He was beyond excited and kept up well.  He didn't even mind the weather!  So, I was able to say I got it done.

Today was a scheduled run day so that was no biggie.  Got 5 awesome miles in.  Loved it.  It was cold and clear out, but beautiful.  I really don't mind cold weather running, even with all the extra gear/layers it requires.  Then I got home and went to the gym for some strength training.  Wowzers it was busy!!  Not going there tomorrow for sure!

So, here's to accountability. I have decided that I will run at least 2 miles a day, unless it is a run day anyhow, and I will do whatever is on the docket.  Tomorrow my pre-turkey dinner work out is 7 miles on one of my favorite loops.

I have been thinking lately at how at the end of the summer I was hating running.  And it was hating me.  However, I think that we are over that.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my runs lately, and they are loving me back. Hell, I don't even mind the treadmill that much anymore!  I even did a Sufferfest running video on the treadmill that almost killed me (I literally had to stop it twice because I was going to spew.) I am not hitting fabulous times or anything, but I am enjoying them and not feeling like death as was the case at the end of the summer.  I am really pleased to have gotten over my pavement pounding pet peeve and and am excited for IM training to start with a good consistent base.
So in the meantime, happy training and racing all!  Get out and run!!

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