Sunday, November 16, 2014

Random Training Epiphones 6 months out....

Random Training Thoughts and Epiphones I have had lately.  Some related, others just random:

1)  I need to stretch and foam roll more.  I have had terrible tightness and soreness lately.  One instance was so bad that I skipped a day of training.  I seriously thought I had pulled a quad muscle, but in all reality, it was just really tight.  I have a love/hate relationship with foam rollers.  They are a necessary evil of endurance training.

2)  It got cold here quick!!  I swear we went from 75 to 35 with no in between or  warning.  I went on a cold long run a week ago and the amount of gear/clothing/layering required was NUTS!  Base layer, coat, hydration belt, Gu's, Head phones, iphone, gloves, beanie cap, reflective vest, etc.  Seriously a pain in the butt!  Once I was out there I loved it though!!

3) I am exactly 6 months from IMTX.  Six months from this exact second, I would be thrilled to be in the last loop of the run course.  I have a couple of friends doing IMAZ today and as I have followed their progress I get giddy with excitement.  Though I did want to puke a little from fear watching the mass start :)

4)  I am going to change up my nutrition for IMTX.  I have decided to train with what they offer on the course, so that I can just live off of the course  as much as possible.  The logistics of trying to carry and plan for all of that nutrition got to be too much (and yes, I have already been thinking about this and the details of it) and I decided to KISS and try to go with what they provide.  I have a feeling it will be fine.  My stomach isn't overly sensitive, so I am not foreseeing any problems.  I have already ordered my first canister of IM Perform since I couldn't find any place around here that carried. it.  I'll keep you posted!

5)  Sufferfest just got more awesome.  I just discovered that they have an app.  You can pay a $10/month subscription and have unlimited access to all of their videos. Are you kidding me?!?  I am so excited about this!  I don't have to buy and mess with downloading and formatting them for my iPad, or worry about the space that they take up on it.  I can just have them streaming through it instead!  I already have grand plans of taking my Ipad with me and doing the run videos on the treadmills at the gym.  I also really want to try the triathlon one with a run/bike brick.  Sweet!

6)  I love my gym membership.  I used to swear I didn't need one.  I have always thought a few videos in my basement, plus my bike trainer and the good old asphalt outside my door would be all I would ever need, and it is all I need.  However, the gym is so nice.  I love all the machines.  I love the convenience to work.  I love the option of an indoor treadmill run if I don't feel like braving the elements.  Yeah, maybe I am getting soft, but it is a nice option to have.

7)  Strength training rocks.  It seriously makes me feel like such a bad a$$.  I am seeing the most progress in my arms, shoulders, abs, and legs.  I still have to find that fine line between doing enough to challenge me and keep progressing and not overdoing it so much that it impacts my tri training.  However, I am determined to find it because I like it so much!

8)  My legs have been hammered lately.  I have always been a fan of my compression socks, but wished they went to my waist.  Hence, I ordered my first  pair of real compression tights.  I will keep you posted on that.  I mainly want them for recovery.

In the meantime, Happy racing and training all!  Enjoying my last few weeks of my off season before my official training plan starts December 15!!!

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