Thursday, February 6, 2014

Way too Quiet!

I haven't posted yet this year!  I guess in the lazy off season, there isn't a ton to post about!

I have been busy though getting ready for this season. I am on Week 6 of my training plan for IMStG 70.3 that is on May 3.  I am so excited and scared about this race all at the same time.  I feel great about how my training is going.  The volume is starting to pick up, and the work outs are more demanding and more frequent, but I am feeling great.  I am swimming well, running well, and biking better than I have been.

One new thing that I have incorporated into my bike training this season is the Sufferfest cycling videos.  I figure if I have to be on the trainer due to the winter, I might as well try new things.  Holy crap those things give you a kick in the pants!  I am dripping in sweat and begging for mercy when they are done!  I really feel they will make me a stronger cyclist, heaven knows they push me harder than I would normally go on the trainer and it makes the time pass much faster.

As far as races go, there have been some slight changes from the original plans I had for the year.  My Dad and I got into the Triple Bypass for July 12.  I am so excited to do this hard and challenging ride with my Dad of all people!  It's 120 miles and 11000 ft elevation gain!  Bring it on!

I also found out that my running group got accepted into the Hood to Coast Relay.  This is an amazing race that I have wanted to do and even though the timing is pretty bad (it is the weekend BEFORE school starts) I am going to do all I can to make it happen!

So, that is it for now.  I am so excited about how things are going and how this season is shaping up.  it is going to be challenging and so fun at the same time.  Stay tuned!  In the mean time...

Happy training!

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