Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Trail Running with my Peeps!

Photo: Adam's Canyon trail run! :)

Coming off my stupid injury, and also not doing much of anything active for the past 8 weeks or so, my running/tri group has saved my butt! Meaning, they have given me a reason to get off of it!  This past Saturday was no exception as they posted about going to do a training run up on the Bonneville Shoreline trail, and then possibly up to Adam's Canyon Waterfall.  I was so glad that I joined them, even if it was a tough run!  I had no idea how steep it was, but with these folks, I was laughing the whole way.  Just look at us, wouldn't you be laughing too?

We got off track a few times and had to try to figure out where exactly the trail was.  This lead to us sometimes taking a much more difficult route than was necessary.  We joked about cold (read FROZEN) Clif shots, and where to keep them to avoid the frozen predicament.  After the stressful week I had, this was just what the doctor ordered! It was so worth getting to the top and seeing the waterfall, even if it was much longer than I thought. It was gorgeous getting up there, and I so wish I lived a little closer to these trails to enjoy them more.  Yeah for fall running!

We then went out to breakfast and discussed next season's racing plans, and I think that I now have a pretty good idea of what next season looks like for me.  It will really depend on a few lotteries for some of the events that I want to do.  Really, beyond St. George 70.3, I don't know what the season will hold till I see about a few lotteries, as mentioned before.

These guys are great!  They are so much fun and when I think of my beginning days of running when I always trained and raced by myself, I don't see how I ever did it!  It is so much more fun, easier to stay motivated, and keep going when you have company a long the way.  Thanks again peeps!

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