Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dreaded Week 9!!

Since I picked out the training plan that I am using to prepare for Ironman St. George 70.3, I have been dreading Week 9.  It is when the main part of the base building phase is over and they really amp up the volume and intensity of the work outs.  I have already been doing 3x3 workouts every week (meaning 3 swims, 3 bikes, and 3 runs), and that is tough, but I had fallen into a routine and was doing it.  I average 1-2 work outs a week, but not the key ones, the long ones.  Anyhow, after last week's "recovery" week, the Dreaded Week 9 started yesterday.  I now have an additional swim and bike each week and instead of adding another run, they have added a long walk to Sundays.  This is perfect timing to add that walk as the weather here has been gorgeous!

So, we will see how all this pans out. It has taken some careful planning and maneuvering to fit all those work outs in, as I normally don't train on Sundays, so I had to finagle it otherwise. It breaks down to two-a-days Monday through Friday with a long ride on Saturdays.

Week 9 also means I am half way through this training plan.  I didn't really follow a plan for my first Half, and it was okay.  But I have seen that following this one, it is much better planned than what I did and I have seen the wisdom behind the workouts and the phases with it.  I love that every 4th week is a recovery week.  I mentally and physically need these recovery weeks.  The weeks slowly build on the weeks prior, and it all makes sense!  I am feeling strong and am loving the training.  I do my best to fit it all in, but life happens.  I feel that the work outs are taxing, but do-able. I feel like even with IM StG 9 weeks away, I could complete it today.  I feel that this plan though will not only prepare me to complete it, but do it WELL.  I love that aspect and thence do my best to stick to the plan because it is a good one and I am excited to see how all of this pans out in the races that I will do before then, and for StG itself!

So, in the meantime, Happy Training all!

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