Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Things Are...

Nothing monumental here.  Just checking in on what is going on with the training front.  I am doing well for the most part, dang life keeps happening.  I started feel a pain in my ankle in the middle of last week, so I skipped two runs in order to let it heal, and it was exactly what I needed and a good example of listening to our body.  I had a pain right next to my Achille's and it even hurt pushing off the wall in the pool.  That was after my run on Tuesday of last week.  I continued to bike, but skipped my runs for Thursday and Friday, had it taped and it is now fine.  Thank heavens!  I can't afford an injury!  So, the moral of the story is, take care of an issue early on before it gets to be something bigger! 

I am loving the nice weather.  I need to get new tires for Belle before putting her on the road, or else I would have done the last few rides outside.  I don't mind the trainer though. I honestly LOVE Sufferfest videos and know that they push me more than I normally would push myself.  Saturday I my training schedule called for a 2 hour and 45 minute trainer ride, so I did it with back to back Sufferfest videos and it was great!  I was tired, but not completely wasted, so my bike fitness is doing well.

I also have noticed small gains in the pool.  I did a 300 meter time trial last week to get an idea of where I am at as IceBreaker is coming up in just over two weeks, and that is the swim distance for that one.  This time last year I was at 5:15 for that distance.  This year I am at 4:20!  So excited to have shaved almost a minute off that time!  I credit more consistency in the pool for that!

I have been looking over my training plan for IM StG.  I can't believe how soon it will really be here!  Between now and then I have three other races, so the time is going to fly!  I feel very good.  I feel strong, and though my work outs are increasing in intensity and volume, I feel like my body is adapting well and has been solid.  I can't wait to see how all of this plays out in the races to come this season.

What's next?  The IceBreaker tri is just over 2 weeks away!  Then two weeks after that is the Rage Oly tri in Vegas and then the Salt Lake City Half Marathon just a week after that!

Happy Training and racing!

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