Friday, July 27, 2012


I am sitting here as a school teacher getting emails from my principal about end of summer trainings and inservice meetings to be at, and I am dumbfounded about where my summer went!  It feels like it has been so busy, and we just got back in town from another vacation, and I am hitting the ground running with resuming my training, dieting, etc in prep for my end of season events.  What?  Did I just say "end of season"?  I am so sad!

I have a very busy couple of weeks ahead with hard core training and increased volume coming my way.  I am only about 3 weeks from my 75 mile ride with Wildflower Pedalfest.  The week after that is my first Olympic Distance tri, and probably the last one I will do this season :(.  Then there is a fun mud run Labor Day weekend, and then all attention will shift to the St George Marathon Oct 6.  My long runs are already getting longer, with a 12 miler this Saturday , and a 14 miler next.  I keep telling myself it's worth it, but those long runs can be brutal!

I have had mixed feelings about this tri season.  I have loved it, but wished I would have chosen my events this year more carefully, and done more triathlons, and less running events.  I wish I would have spaced them better too, I am really craving a race right now as all my events were beginning of the summer, and end, nothing in the middle.  I am pathetic in that I am already planning out 2013 season, with one event a month, so more evenly spaced and more tris.  Can't wait.

I did have a great ride this morning, up Emigration Canyon with my friend Leanne.  We had a blast and it was all about the climb, not caring about distance or speed, just getting through it and practice for the Big Mountain Climb that is part of our Pedalfest.  She will be a blast to do it with, we have a ton in common and enjoy riding together.

Happy Training all!

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