Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Training Catch Up

We got home from vacation last week and I was thinking about where I was at training wise overall, but mainly for my upcoming marathon in October.  I realized with all of our summer craziness that I had missed a couple too many long runs and I needed to get back on track FAST.  And, I also hadn't been on my bike in three weeks with us being out of town, and it being in the shop the two weeks prior to that.  I have a 75 mile ride in three weeks with a climb up Big Mountain.  YIKES!

So, I decided to do what everyone tells you NOT to do.  And that is cram a lot of training into a short amount of time.  I did an 8 mile run Thursday night.  Then a 20 mile ride with a climb up Emigration Canyon on Friday.  I then woke up Saturday morning and ran 12 miles.  My legs felt like lead by mile 8, but I got through it!  I was now officially "caught up" with my training schedule I outlined at the beginning of the summer.  My long run this week will be 14, and I am going to attempt to climb Frary's Peak on Antelope Island this week for my long ride/climb.

I really want to take full advantage of the five weeks that I have left of summer break with some good hard core training.  I feel ready for my Olympic Distance Tri on the 25th of August.  I even feel pretty good about the Wildflower Pedalfest 75 miler.  I am not so worried about the distance on that one as the climb, so I have been focusing more on that aspect of it.  I keep having more epiphanies on the bike that have helped.  I have thoroughly loved watching the Olympic road races and how they maneuver on their bikes.  WOW!  The women's race was amazing, and in the rain no doubt!  I still have so much to learn!

In the meantime...

Happy Training Al!

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