Friday, January 20, 2012

Goals, training, and races...

I have been a horrible blogger lately.  The craziness of the holidays and everything else and getting back to normal has kicked my butt in many ways.  But, there is exciting stuff going on!  As far as my training goes, I have been consistently attending the Masters Swim group  I love it!  Seriously, such a good work out without the stress on joints and all that can come with running.  It is once a week, and for now with everything going on, that is the most I can do with it.  I swim a minimum of 2000 meters every time, and it is just fun!  I am learning alot from the coaches and other swimmers there and am growing more and more confident in the water since it has been such a long time since I have swam consistently.  About 14 years!  I have loved how my fitness gained from running has crossed over into swimming, and I can swim farther than I ever did in the past with not near the effort.  Awesome benefit!

I am also continuing daily strength training with a Jillian work out every morning.  I am currently doing her Killer Buns and Thighs, and the title is is killer!  I could barely walk the first time I did it, but it is becoming easier and I will move up to work out #2 on Monday.

Running is going well.  We have had some winter weather lately and I love running in it.  I had a long run about two weeks ago in the snow, and it was awesome.  I love being the first set of foot prints in the fresh powder on the running trails mornings like that was.  It reminds me of the simple joys of running you don't get all the time!

And, on the race front, my 2012 schedule is starting to take more shape.  For starters, I am now officially registered for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in April and the Daybreak Spring Tri on June 9.  I am looking forward to both of these for various reasons.  The Salt Lake Half is a good race.  I did it last year and since it is in the city the whole course, there is tons of crowd support the entire race and it is awesome.  There is also a significant decline in elevation so it is a fast course as well.  Way excited that is how I will kick off my 2012 season!

The Daybreak tri will be fun, but it will be my first race with an open water swim.  I will have to rent a wetsuit for it.  I really wanted to sign up for the Olympic distance, but with it being my first open water, I figured stick with the sprint distance and then leave the oly for later in the summer.  It is also close to where my sister lives, so maybe I will have a cheering section other than Ken!

I am also eyeing the Little Red Riding Hood ride in June as well.  You can either do an 18, 36, 50 or 100 mile ride.  I am looking at the 50.  It would be way fun, but also the week before the Daybreak tri.  I also saw a banner add on Facebook for the Star Valley Half in July, and it might be added to my schedule for a July event.  As far as running is concerned, I am focusing on the half marathon this year as one of my resolutions is to hit a sub 2 hour half marathon, so I want to give myself lots of opportunities to do so.  And Star Valley is just slightly south of the Tetons, so it would be a gorgeous race!

Will I do a full marathon this year?  Only if I get into the St. George.  I will throw my name in the lottery and if I get in GREAT!  It is a race that is well worth the training.  If not, I am okay with that as well.  After all, come fall I will be back to school and work full time by then, and won't mind easing up a bit on the training that I will be able to do over the summer.  But, I love the St. George Marathon, so if I get in, I am TOTALLY there.

What are your race goals this year?  I set two for myself.  The first one mentioned above it to have a sub two half marathon.  And the other is to do a triathlon.  Well, assuming I show up for the two I am registered for, I will be good there!

Way excited for what is to come.  I am LOVING the variety that comes from training for multiple sports, and it keeps things fun and interesting.  I can see how this tri thing could be addicting, and I haven't even started yet!

Happy training!

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