Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I'm semi injured.  I wouldn't say full on injured, but I have strained or pulled a groin muscle.  It's my upper inner thigh just below my quad.  It started bugging me a little about 2 weeks ago, and then after an interval run last week, it really started to bug.  It doesn't hurt at all while swimming or biking, but any kind of impact (even walking around) hurts.  Its a dull achy kind of thing.  And Ben says no running if there is any kind of pain.  This.  Sucks.

I should have known something was coming when just a week and a half ago I was thinking how good things were going.  I have seen progress in the pool, progress on the run, and some progress (maybe a little) on the bike.  Then this happens.  Well crap.  I have been doing everything I am supposed to, but it sucks having to sit out the runs, probably because for the first time in my life, I am enjoying those workouts the most!  It doesn't help that the weather has been gorgeous making the runs even more enjoyable.  But, those are sidelined for the time being.  And it sucks!  And did I mention my first race is 2.5 weeks away?!?!

What else is new on the training front?  Not much.  I am loving the swims, they are hard but doable.  I love the confidence that has come with hitting times that when I initially look at the workout make me think Ben is smoking crack.  I have loved seeing my average per 100y time drop by 18 seconds in the past 3 months.  That is sweet!

I got my bike off the trainer for the first time since September.  It was just okay.  The weather was cloudy and chilly, but I decided to go anyway, since the forecast predicted it would just get worse as the day went on. It was windy as well.  And wouldn't you know it, 45 minutes after I got home the weather was gorgeous and sunny again.  Screw you, Mother Nature!

I have signed up for several races, at least through the first part of July.  I am doing the Icebreaker Tri on March 26 (year 5 at this one), The Salem Spring Tri (May 21, year 2 for me at this one), Daybreak Tri (June 4, 2nd time back) and Echo Tri (July 9, first time doing this one).  They will all be sprint distances and all attempts of reaching my goal of qualifying for Nationals.  What I do after these will greatly depend on if I do go to Nationals or not which is August 13.  We shall see!  I have even played around the idea of a fall marathon, but most likely it will just be a half marathon.  I really want to try to go sub 2:00 on a half.  When Ben told me a full would require 3 months of running 40-60 miles a week (to be competitive or PR anyhow), I pretty much decided a half will probably be more doable for now.  It might be pathetic, but I even have tentative race goals for 2017 and 2018!  I swear this is an illness!

In non tri related news, I have a couple of trips coming up.  I will be gone for a 3 day swim coach's conference with Haley, my assistant coach.  I wish it were somewhere cool, but it's just 3 hours north in the booming metropolis of Idaho Falls.  Then my mom and I are going to Vegas for a girls weekend Memorial Day.

Nothing else to report!  Happy Training and racing all!

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  1. sounds like a busy schedule! Sorry to hear about the injury, hoping it is a quick heal!