Saturday, March 5, 2016

SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Belt Review

The kind people at SLS3 reached out through email and asked if they sent me their new run belt if I would like to try it out for a  while and write a review,  I have now been using this belt almost exclusively on all my runs for the past 2 months.

I have always struggled with a way to carry my crap while I run.  This usually includes my phone and sometimes my keys, and when I am doing longer runs, GU and water bottles.  I currently have 4 belts prior to receiving this one that carry anywhere from 0-4 bottles,  and I use for different purposes.  Since most of my training these days is short distance and I don't need the bottles, I liked the idea of something simply that could just carry a few things...this belt fits that bill!

When I first got it my first impression was that is seemed simple yet well made.  This impression held true.  The pockets however seemed too small to hold my Iphone 6 with its bulky Otterbox case.  I was wrong.  The pocket easily expands to hold it and I am guessing could hold up to a 6PLus as well.  Very cool!  The inner part of the pocket is water proof, so if you get stuck in rain or are a profuse sweater, your stuff will be protected!  And there are two pockets, so you can keep things separate as well.  The pockets are very cool because they can expand to hold what you want them to, but aren't any bigger than you need them, as they sort of fold onto themselves.  You don't get a big empty compartment bouncing around if you don't need it.

I also liked that this is adjustable.  Regardless of how you want to wear it,
(waist or hips) you can adjust it to fit there.  I have had a harder time with other non adjustable belts (Flipbelt) that are not adjustable.

Price point on this is right on.  The belt sells for $12.90 on Amazon.  With running and triathlon being such an expensive sport, this was very cool to see, that it is very affordable.

Now for the cons, but for me it is a big one.  This belt did not stay in place while running.  It would stay for a very short while then ride up and be bouncing around my mid-section.  Now, in all fairness, I have yet to find a belt that doesn't slip up at all, but this one did continually in my runs.  Some factors that I think contribute to this are how you have it adjusted and also the material of your running clothes.  On  my really slick spandex compression tights, it would ride up constantly.  On the more nylon like, not so slick material, it wouldn't ride up as easily.  I also would play around with how tight it was adjusted, only to find the belt would loosen itself back to where it would ride up again.;(

Well made
Waterproof pockets that hold quite a bit
Awesome price
Cool color selection

Does not stay in place while running, rides up
No reflective material on it, at least not on the all black one I received.

Overall, this is a good belt, and I will keep experimenting with it to see if I can make it stay in place because it has so much potential!

This belt was provided for me for the purpose of this review, but the opinions are all my own.

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