Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Every Triathlete Needs an Amazing IronSherpa!

When I was making my decision to register for Ironman Texas, I wouldn't have done so without the full support of my family.  I have read enough and talked to enough people who have trained for an Ironman to know that it is a decision that impacts the entire family.  When I am also a full time teacher, wife and mother, this means that the much of the burden falls on them.  Though my whole family has been supportive and stepped up to the plate, lately I have been extremely grateful for Ken, my IronSherpa, in my Ironman journey.

Ken was immediately on board.  He did think I was crazy (and still does) but he has been beyond supportive.  I told him from Day 1 that Friday nights were just completely off limits until after May 16 because that is my long ride day, and after work, I come home, get on the trainer and pedal away.  He has made sure he is home to take Thing 1 to swim team and then pick him up so my rides aren't interrupted.  He has gone to several events solo on Friday nights that we normally would do together if I wasn't training.  And he has yet to complain!

Ken has also gotten up early on Saturday morning and driven me a half hour away from home and dropped me off for my long runs so I could run a point to point run as I have grown tired of loops and out and back courses.  All the while he is dropping me off early on a Saturday morning, he is also missing his own pick up game of basketball with his friends.  He also knows that by Saturday afternoon and evening, I am pretty wasted from my long ride on Friday night followed by the long run Saturday morning, so he has taken over the official Saturday grocery shopping and has put himself in charge of cooking dinner Saturday night so I can lay on the couch and drool on myself the rest of the day :)

Ken has planned for a Spring break camping trip where he is taking the kids and disappearing for a few days so that I can get quality training in.  He knows that April is peak IMTX training month, and I can't miss it.  So, he is taking the kids and letting me train hubby and kid free for a few days.  He. Is.  Incredible.

He hasn't complained once about any of the above or the little every day things that come with being married to an IM in training.  For instance, he hasn't complained about the fact that the only day he really sees me done up is Sunday.  During the week, he leaves for work before I am done getting ready for work and then comes home to see me, make up free, hair in a sweaty messy bun, and in spandex something from my after school training.  That has got to be dead sexy...but he never complains.  Instead he just asks me how the ride/run was.

He listens to me yammer on and on...and on...and on about things I know he couldn't care less about triathlon related.  Whether it be how I have adjusted my run nutrition, to how should I ship my bike, to anything and everything else Ironman related, he just listens and provides what feed back he can.  He's awesome that way!

Ken has come to my defense when some pinhead has some derogatory commend about me training or spending the time I do with this hobby.  He has often told them how proud he is of me and complimented me to others about it all.  Yep, he's pretty great!

All of this and we haven't even made it to Texas yet or even through the worst of the training! I just know that I couldn't do this with out him.  He's my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and toughest critic.  How people do it with a less supportive spouse/significant other is beyond me. 

I am one lucky girl!

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