Wednesday, August 6, 2014


It is my final race week of the 2013 season.  Age Group Nationals is just a few days away.  I think that I have been so wrapped up on just getting us ready for the trip itself, and working out details for going back to school that I haven't stressed as much about this race as I might have otherwise. 

It doesn't escape me that this is going to be a tough race competition wise.  I still laugh and am shocked that I qualified, and am completely honest with myself and everyone else about the fact that I qualified at a small event and even then by the skin of my teeth!  I have gone back and looked at the results from my age group from last year, and WOW...there are some super talented and fast people out there!  I know that this is not a race to compete with others on, so no hopes of a podium or anything like that, so the goals that I have for myself are simply to beat myself.  So here are my goals for Age Group Nationals:

1) A Sub 3 hour time for this Olympic Distance.  I have done a 2:40 and a 2:45, but those were both at Spudman with their super fast current assisted swim, so that isn't the same thing.  My fastest time at a regular Oly is 3:05ish and that was at Rock Cliff last year.  A few things working in my favor for this race are that it is pretty flat (Rock Cliff was NOT) and the temperature for Saturday is a HIGH of 75.  The high that day at Rock Cliff was 95.  So, conditions alone, I should do well.  Plus, I like to think that I am better trained and have improved in the last year too, so we will see!

2) Don't be Dead Last in my Division.  You laugh, but I am serious!  Looking at the times for last year, even coming in under 3:00 hours will put me towards the bottom of my age group!

3) Have fun, and finish smiling.  I know that I will get my butt handed to me, but I at least want to smile and know that I did my best. 

4) Under 1:00 hour on the run.  I know that I am capable of this, but it will be a stretch. I would be THRILLED with this if it happens!!

So there you have it.  The race report will be delayed as I will be out of town the entire week following this race.  We are hitting this race road trip/Griswold style, so it should be fun.  Wish me luck!  This is going to be a heck of a race!

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