Friday, August 1, 2014

Five things Friday

A few things on my mind or favorites this week:

1) These.  Love them.  Had never tried the flavor prior to the Triple Bypass, but they ROCK!  They also have a higher sodium content for hot races or heavy sweaters.  The only thing I could add to them is caffeine :).  Shocker, I know.  They would be perfect then!

2) This guy!  Dr. Bennett at Performance Heath Institute.  He's a sports medicine chiropractor that has worked with athletes in Kona, is a triathlete himself, and just "gets" it.  I am not sure why what he does works, but it does and I have no pain in my neck/back/shoulders this week.  He's going to be my go to guy for IM training!

Brock A. Bennett DC

3) These contact lenses.  For the first time I can actually stand contacts!  I think my first go at them wasn't great and going to a different doctor not only got the prescription right, but the type of lense.  I'm loving not wearing glasses!

4) This text!  I have told Ken that I need him to take a tough love approach to me and my training and kick my lazy arse out of bed if I don't get up by the time he leaves for work.  He is out of town with the youth from church at a Youth Conference so he sent me this text.  He has no idea how much these little things make me smile! I really going to need this come IM training!

5) This kid!  I signed him up for his first triathlon that's tomorrow!  I am so proud of him!  He's way excited and already is wanting to make sure his outfit matches his bike.  No idea where he got that :P.....

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