Friday, April 12, 2013

Road block

The last few weeks have been filled with good moments with races and results, but they have also been incredibly frustrating after battling sickness for two weeks, and now there is ANOTHER road block in the way.  FOR THE LOVE OF BENJI....REALLY?

I am nursing a new injury.  It came after my half marathon last Saturday, with a small dull ache on the side of my ankle.  I didn't think much of it seeing as how EVERYTHING was sore after that race.  I took some ibuprofen as a  precaution since everything was hurting anyway.  I knew I would take a few recovery days after a hard race effort, so honestly, I didn't think anything of it.  I didn't even feel it on Sunday.  Then Monday came, and it came back, but a little more persistent.  I started adding icing to the ibuprofen, but it wasn't really helping.  By Wednesday, it was hurting all the time, even in my regular activities, or walking the halls at school.  I figured it was time to bust out the KT Tape.  After all, I have NEVER had an injury that taping it didn't provide relief, right?  Meanwhile, I hadn't run since the race and figured a few slow and easy miles yesterday morning would be fine.  I taped my ankle, and went for what was going to be an easy 5 miles.  Well, two miles into the run, the pain wasn't going away, as sometimes it does with a warm up.  It got worse and every step hurt.  Oh CRAP!  I cut the run short after three miles.  I got home, took a shower, iced it briefly before heading to work, retaped it, and it hurt all. Day. Long.  I have come to learn that if taping doesn't help, it must be something more significant than a slight strain.

So, with too many races on the schedule to mess with, I am going back the the doctor.  I am scared of what he is going to say, and even more bothered they can't get me in till Tuesday.  Dang it! I am going to skip this weekend's run, and go swimming instead, or hit the bike instead.  Please send happy thoughts, prayers, whatever that this isn't anything bad!  Hopefully something easily fixed and I can go on happily racing :)

I'll keep you posted!

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