Monday, April 15, 2013

Injury Update

I went to the doc on Friday and boy did I luck out in many ways!  First off, I was really bothered that I couldn't get into my regular go-to sports doc, or any of the others that came recommended to me from my tri group peeps.  So, I knew that with the races I have coming up, it was best to see some one ASAP and so I a called and got into the clinic we usually go to and got in with the GP there.  We usually see a physician's assistant, but she was out.  Anyhow, it turns out that this doc is a runner/triathlete as well!  YEAH!  I knew that he wasn't just going to be some doc that was going to tell me to stop running!  They took x-rays and determined that it wasn't fractured, but it was a thoroughly ticked off peroneal tendon.  He has told me not to run  at all for the next week leading up to the SLC Half, to take the prescription anti-inflammatory he gave me, keep it taped, ice it a ton, and if I am feeling better in a week, go a head and run the race!  BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK!

We also discussed how since I had already hit my goal for half marathons for the year, that of a sub 2 hour time, I could take the pressure off and just go easy and have fun so as not to stress it more.  SLC Half was going to be an A race for me, but since I have hit that goal, and I have this injury, it has become a C race.  I will just go and enjoy it, and be happy knowing I hit my goal for the year.

So, I can still race!  This week will be swimming and biking as much as I want and then resting up on Thursday and Friday for the SLC Half.

Happy Training all!

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