Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fit Test #1

With me starting Insanity this week, one of the ways to measure progress that is built into the program is with the Fit Test.  According the the calender, if you are following the 60 day format, you will do this every 2 weeks to measure progress a long the way.  I did this test on Day 1 before actually completing any of the work outs.  For the purpose of documenting my progress to world as I go, here are my results from that first test.

Switch Kicks:  99
Power Jacks:  55
Power Knees:  78
Power Jumps:  41
Globe Jumps:  12
Suicide Jumps:  20
Push Up Jacks:  34
Low Plank Oblique:  39

The goal is to see how many of each of these you can do in one minute.  That is my initial result, and I was sore just from doing the test!  I have thoroughly enjoyed these work outs this week, but they are no joke!  Today's "recovery" day was nice.  It was still tough but not as butt busting as the other days have been.  It was more of a yoga, stretching, with some resistance work kind of thing.  But the good news is, I am already down 3 pounds since starting on Monday!

Happy Training All!

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