Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An INSANE start to the off-season

Well, the time has come for me to finally do it.  I have always wanted to, though it has scared me in the past. But, the timing has never been right for a 60 day commitment.  Well, no more excuses, it started on Monday!

What did?  I started Insanity on Monday.  I have always wanted to.  It is just in the past I thought it would be too much with all my swim/bike/run training.  I have had several friends that have all done it, and have talked about how intense it is, and I didn't want it to take away from my tri training.  I decided that this off season is the time to do it.  I gave myself a week to recover from the marathon, and started it this week.

Thoughts so far?  WOW!  The first day was "just" a Fit Test.  I was sore and dying from it alone!  It was 25 minutes of several exercises where you see how many you can do in one minute.  I was dripping sweat and woke up the next morning sore, and I hadn't even OFFICIALLY started the program!  I have done the scheduled work outs for the past two days and HOLY MOSES, it is intense!

It reminds me a lot of the sports conditioning you see football players and other athletes do.  I am sure they are some of the same drills.  Thing is you do them over and over again, and faster every time, with very short breaks in between.  The advice that many have given me that I should only do what I can and don't even try to keep up is so true.  Even the people on the video in the background can't keep up with Sean T!  While I am doing it, I wanna curse at the screen, throw things at him, you name it.  But when you are done, you feel like such a rockstar!  I am so excited, yet scared, of what the next 57 days will bring!

I am not following the exact diet plan, though I am sticking to the fundamentals of it that suggest 5 small meals a day and I am sticking to the caloric recommendations it sets and using the Myfitnesspal app to track my calories.  I have lost a pound a half since Monday morning, so we will see how this goes!  Progress and updates to come!

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