Thursday, May 3, 2012

Salt Lake Running Co 5k

So, I guess Hell is freezing over, because I got Ken to do a race with me.  We did the annual Salt Lake Running Company 5k on Saturday.  It was a ton of fun, and really neat to do a race with my honey!  He ran a "very short, yet distinguished" running career in high school, and once had an 18 minute 5k time.  I totally drug him into this one, but he did it, and he even had fun!  He said that he would do it again, so I consider that a success.  I had a good race, not quite a PR, but I did manage to beat him, and went back to cross the finish line with him as he went through.  Here are some pics for that day.  The one above was clearly before the race, and the others below are from the photographer for SLRC.  I took them off of their FB Page :)  Is that considered stealing?

Ken and I are in the back in this one, he is behind the lady in the hot pink shirt.

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