Sunday, May 6, 2012

New favorite riding spot

I have heard tons of people who live in my neighborhood and ride tell me that I needed to buy an annual bike pass to Antelope Island State Park.  They had many reasons, other than one of the obvious being it is literally 1.8 miles from my front door, and it is safer because of less traffic, and you can really make the ride as hard or as long as you want depending on how far into the park you go.  Well, I took them up on their advice and bought a pass last weekend.  I loved it!  You really feel like you are far away exploring some new place, but at the same time, it is so close to home!  Well, this guy above is one of the reasons why I love going out there, they are everywhere and it is fun to ride around them.  You have beautiful views of the Wasatch Front, and though there is traffic, it isn't bad at all, and their are wide shoulders, so I really do feel safer.

I found a new part of the Island yesterday.  I saw a sign that pointed to Buffalo Point and I could see that it involved a significant climb up to this look out point.  Well, I was feeling quite happy with my ride and myself yesterday, so I did it!  It was hard, but in playing with the gears on my bike and going to one with very little resistance and maintaining a high cadence, I found that it was easier than a smaller climb I did last Saturday on the Island, and I was going 2-3 mph faster as well.  I keep having these little breakthroughs on my bike, and I must say, I am warming up to it more and more.  It was hard, but not as hard as I thought it was going to be and I must say, the downhill was SWEET!  Got up to 30 mph!

Like I hinted at before, I am warming up to my bike more with each ride.  It is really a whole new beast to learn about.  I feel that I am still have so much more to learn, and am excited when I make little breakthroughs or have Aha! moments on rides.  I am starting to feel more comfortable with my bike, and on it!  My shoulders are hurting less, though I am not sure I have quite figured out an ideal saddle for me, I guess I have learned to tolerate it.  I love the areas and how MUCH area you can cover on a bike as compared to a run.  I am taking a long ride with my Dad who is in town this week and bringing his bike.  I can't wait for him to show me more stuff, and we are attempting a 52 mile ride with some significant climbs, but it is in gorgeous country, so I can hardly wait.  Hopefully the old man is patient with me!

Another thing I am way excited about it that my classes for this semester are over and I am done until after Labor Day.  I am so excited to dive into some good quality training!  The weather is supposed to be spectacular this week anyhow, so even better!

To top it all off, I am only 13 days from my first tri, Women of Steel.  So excited I can't stand it!

Happy training!

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