Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kona Coverage!!

I have never really been into watching any sporting event, other than the Olympics, on TV, until I got into triathlon, and now I anxiously look forward to streaming over 8 hours of the live race from the Ironman World Championships.  The IronSherpa doesn't understand it at all, but he's the one that DVR's at least 3 foot ball games a week and then watches them back to back, so he has no room to talk on this front :)  Anyhow,  I got up and went for an awesome trail run with some friends and was back in plenty of time to stream this on my Ipad during the day as I did my Saturday chores.

I was rooting for Andy Potts or Crowie for the men, and Linsey Corbin or Meredith Kessler for the women.  None of the above podiumed, but who cares? (Well, I am sure they do) It was a great race to watch!!

The thing that made this year different is that Joshua actually has taken an interest in the sport, with completing his first tri in August, and he has also done track and is getting ready to start swim team.  He watched it on and off all day with me, and he really got into it!  He went to the grocery store with me and insisted upon streaming it on my phone so that he wouldn't miss anything.  It was fun to sit in a way too long drive through at Fiiz for a drink and watch parts of the bike portion with him.  It is fun to share this hobby and interest with someone else in my family.  We had some good discussions about nutrition, pacing, etc, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that!

Joshua is really excited about me doing IMTX.  He told me that I have to buy a finisher's jacket and wear it EVERYWHERE I go.  Not sure if I want to be that guy, but it is sweet that he is proud of me for doing this and wants his mom to show it off.  Now don't get me wrong, I fully intend on spending probably a ridiculous amount of money on finisher's gear and apparel, but I won't wear it everywhere. But I made sure that in our budget planning for IMTX, there is definitely a good amount allotted to "merchandise".  WTC loves suckers like me!

This morning Joshua is telling me to enter the Kona lottery, because even though he thinks his mom is Superwoman (I'll enjoy this until he turns 15, when I am sure it will change), qualifying isn't going to happen.  Nope, not this year, but wouldn't it be the trip of a lifetime to even go and volunteer?  I would love to be a bike catcher or do whatever, I wouldn't care.  It would be great just to be there!

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