Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why are rest days so hard?!?

I have been training pretty hard in a many ways.  I haven't missed a single day at the gym in following my strength plan, and I have also have a daily run or trainer ride as well.  Apparently, my body has had enough.  Yesterday when my alarm went off to get up and run, I slogged my way to the bathroom, got changed, but felt like crap.  My body was heavy, and I just wasn't feeling like I normally do before a run, so I bagged it.  I went back to bed in my running clothes for another hour.  I decided to make it up that night with a trainer ride, and I did Sufferfest, and it kicked my trash!!  I forgot how hard they are!  I got up the next morning feeling even more like crap than the morning before, and figured I would run after work.  I went to the gym, did my weights, picked up the kids and was prepared to run 4 miles.  I started off and immediately knew my legs felt like lead.  However, I figured I would keep going to let myself warm up and then see how I felt.  One mile in it wasn't any better.  I may as well had lead anvils attached to my shoes! I decided to cut the run short and only went two, though it felt more like 20!

I woke up this morning so achy and heavy, I decided to listen to my body and take a rest day, even though it wasn't planned.  Why is this so hard for me?  Maybe because I have been in a really good routine and have been really consistent with my training, and somehow I think one day is going to derail that momentum I've had going?  I don't know, but this is so hard!  I keep rationalizing things back and forth, like "Maybe I can still go to the gym and just work upper body" or " Maybe just an easy spin on the trainer to flush my legs out" but I know that I just need to rest....and that means do NOTHING!  I really want to get my long run in this weekend, so missing one small bike ride and one gym session isn't going to kill me.

It has also been a wake up call that as much as I am enjoying the weight training, it doesn't necessarily mix well with tri training.  Once official IMTX training starts, I will have to be careful about how I implement it so it doesn't compromise my training.  It will be a trial and error process, but one that is doable.

What do you do on your rest days?  Take it easy, or just take it off all together?  How do you not beat yourself up for it?


  1. I agree, you have to listen to your body and sometimes take an unscheduled rest day. You did the right thing in not going out this morning, apparently your body is telling you it needs some rest!

  2. You need to take it off altogether unless it is considered "active recovery." It was explained to me in a tri seminar once that the difference between regular AG folks and professionals is that the pros need less time to recover. Regular people break if they don't recover enough.

    Don't break yourself :)